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Big Maths in action!

Since January, we have embarked upon a fresh way of teaching children the core basic skills in mathematics Big Maths consists of a daily package of 'CLIC' (Counting, Learn Its, Its Nothing New and Calculation), culminating in a 'Big Maths Beat That Challenge' at the end of the week. Children are tested on their total recall facts (Learn Its) along with their core number skills (CLIC test). Big Maths runs alongside the exisiting numeracy lessons, where children get to use and apply their skills.


Langage Energy Centre kindly donated £250 to the school with the aim of investing in future engineers! We used this money towards the purchase of Big Maths teaching and pupil resources. Roy Bailey, Generations Manager, was keen to see how we had spent the money so we inivited him in to see Big Maths in action! The children enjoyed showing off their numeracy skills and they were inspired after listening to a presentation by Roy, who explained the importance of mathematics in engineering and Industry as a whole. (Please see the Herald article below).

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