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Big Maths - Little Maths Evening

The pressure was on, during a presentation to parents - how many sums could they do in a timed exercise? Some said they failed miserably and were amazed at how primary children could mentally calculate the very same sums!
This was all part of the presentation on how and why we teach and use Big Maths in school. It is not a scheme but a structure that includes new terms, progression and characters. Little Big Maths (For EYFS) also including a disco with some nifty moves!!
The overall feedback was 100% positive and it was great to read some parents being enthused about a subject that was once a bit of a phobia. We know that our children love the drama and the resources and as a consequence are not only enthusiastic about their maths but are making some fantastic progress in their mental agility that is impacting upon their overall use of maths.
Thank you to all who attended, especially those children who demonstrated the methods so well.

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