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Our Computing Curriculum Intent

Computing teaches an understanding of the information technology, digital literacy (including e-safety) and computer science. Our curriculum will support children and young people to live knowledgeably, responsibly and safely in a digital world.  Through their work in Computing, children will learn about the different elements of Computing:

  • Safety and security
  • Algorithms 
  • Computing systems
  • Creating media
  • Data and information
  • Design and development
  • Effective use of tools 
  • Networks 
  • Programming
  • and Impact of technology 

National Centre for Computing Education and Raspberry Pi (2020)

They will develop computational thinking skills which can be applied to problem solving in all aspects of life.  


The objectives of teaching Computing at Wembury Primary School are:

  • to enable children to explore the differences between online and offline identity - beginning with self-awareness, shaping online identities and media influence in propagating stereotypes
  • to enable children to explore how technology shapes communication styles and identify strategies for positive relationships in online communities.
  • to enable children to explore the concept of reputation and how others may use online information to make judgements
  • to enable children to explore bullying and other online aggression and how technology impacts those issues and equip them with strategies for effective reporting and intervention
  • to enable children to explore the impact that technology has on health, well-being and lifestyle e.g. mood, sleep, body health and relationships - including support to understand how negative behaviours and issues can be amplified and sustained by online technologies and the strategies for dealing with them
  • to enable children to explore how personal online information can be used, stored, processed and shared
  • to enable children to explore the concept of ownership of online content

UK Council for Internet Safety (2020)



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