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Connecting with Clay

Everything can be mapped, counted, and measured.

During Lockdown, Year6 embarked on a project – ‘CONNECTING’

This project involves working with Plymouth University, and artist Caroline Flage.

This project also enabled children to use a new material – porcelain or paper clay.


1. We currently live in a world of algorithms and data – children were asked to consider marks as a representation of data.


2. Initial ideas were expressed on paper; in black and white. These were then torn apart to re-create to capture an artistic expression.


3. Using these as a stimulus children and staff created a cylinder. These cylinders will be collated in a forth coming exhibition at Plymouth University.

What marks or symbols would you use to represent recording ‘thank you’ or ‘the number of biscuits eaten’ or ‘the number of times you wear a colour’ ?



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