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Design and Technology

At Wembury Primary School, we value Design Technology as an important part of the pupils’ entitlement to a broad, rich and balanced curriculum. Design Technology provides the pupils with the opportunities to develop and extend skills and to express their individual interests, through exploring possibilities and solutions.


It is our intent to maximise the potential of all of our pupils; intellectually, socially, morally, emotionally and culturally.  We take every opportunity to encourage a love for learning within all of our pupils, based around a resilience for learning and achieving greatness.  Most importantly we allow our pupils to learn in a safe and stimulating environment, where their views are valued.


Our Design Technology curriculum provides pupils with a variety of opportunities to develop creative, technical and practical expertise that can be successfully transferred to an increasingly technological world. Our DT curriculum is often cross curricular when appropriate and draws upon skills taught in other subjects. Pupils can build and apply a repertoire of skills that progress as they move through the key stages, through focused tasks and designing and making opportunities. They critique, evaluate and test their products and reflect on successes and areas for improvement. They will also develop understanding about cooking and nutrition and it’s importance.

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