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Our Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography teaches an understanding of the world and our places in the environment. Through their work in Geography, children will learn about their local area and how it compares to other areas both nationally and globally. They will learn key skills which support the acquisition of geographical knowledge. The enquiry will develop the children’s knowledge of natural and human geography whilst encouraging appreciation of life in other cultures. Geography teaching helps children to recognise the importance of sustainability and stewardship of the world for the future of the Earth.


The objectives of teaching Geography at Wembury Primary School are:

  • to enable children to develop knowledge and understating of the world and its major features
  • to enable children to explore the similarities and difference between contrasting cultures and places therefore developing a respect for others and an understanding of multi-culturalism
  • to teach children about the responsibility humans have in protecting and caring for the planet. Developing the idea of the ‘global citizen’
  • to encourage a commitment to sustainability and responsible consumerism of the Earths resource to teach children key geographical and fieldwork skills  

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