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Our History Curriculum Intent

History teaches children an understanding of how the world and humans have changed over time. Through their exploration in History, children will learn about local history and global changes over time. They will learn key research skills and develop their understanding of question and enquiry. The History sessions will encourage reflection on the actions of historical figures and how these have shaped the world. They will reflect on how humans have learnt and developed on the actions of the people who have come before them.


The objectives of teaching History at Wembury Primary School are:

  • to enable children to develop an understanding of chronology
  • to encourage an interest and curiosity in events from the past
  • to teach children about the major issues in the history of our own country and the world, and how these influence us today
  • to show children how peoples values have changed over time
  • to develop children’s research skills and teach them the validity and nature of different evidence sources


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