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Due to the current circumstances, homework will be a little different for a while. Daily reading, spellings and times tables will still be the most important things to do at home. Please see the sections below for more information regarding these core skills.  

All homework and reading books will be sent out on a Wednesday and due in on a Monday. 



At the end of a mathematics unit, a booklet will be sent home for the children to complete over a period of time. This will be a chance for the children to revise the key skills they have covered in the unit. These booklets will have the answers attached, so that you can assist your child in self-marking. We will then use these as a revision resource in school upon completion. If your child requires extra assistance or challenge alongside these booklets, please let us know and we can ensure to cover this by either providing extra resources or spending time with them in school. 

Please see the 'Times Tables' section below for lots of resources to help your child practice their times tables. 



The children will have a reading book that they will keep in school and a reading book to take home. These will be within their Accelerated Reader score (please let us know if you would like us to provide you with this score) and they will have to take an Accelerated Reader quiz upon completion. They can do this at home or in school. 

If your child already has a book at home that they would like to read, please just let us know. Please search for the book first to check if it is on Accelerated Reader and is of an appropriate level.


Spellings will be taught on a Wednesday and explored every day in school until they are tested on the following Wednesday. The spelling activity sheet will be handed out and an assignment will be set on Spelling Shed every Wednesday, for the children to complete in time for the test.

Thank you for your continuing support and commitment to home learning. 


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