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End of Year Book Pictures - Which book did you get?
Final Photos
B**** had been doing a few things this week including learning to ride his new scooter, doing his math work book and  then just enjoyed his final week by going on a trip to the Eden project as an end of year treat. 

Here is a photo of A*****’s creative efforts[...]!

Also peas she grew in our allotment.

E*** has been doing lots the last few weeks and she’s loved being back at school. She has been snorkelling, riding her bike lots, having lots of bbq’s with the family and done plenty of walking. At home we’ve been working on doubling numbers, and trying to learn all the shapes and she’s mastered telling time now. She’s also done some great writing all on her own. She’s going to miss Mr Bennett and Miss Brooks and wants to say a big thank you for all your hard work as she has loved Yr 1 and she hopes you both have a lovely summer.

Please find a few photos from the last week of H***'s home schooling. We went on a school trip to Eden and wrote down adjectives & noun phrases to describe the rainforest. We also did some pastel drawings and created a collage. There is a one way system around the grounds which meant we walked a different route and we were thrilled to find a hive with a glass front where you could see the bees busy making honeycomb. H*** has loved being back in school seeing his teachers and some of his friends. We hope you all have a nice summer & look forward to school being back in September.

T*** has loved being back at school and here is what we have been up to the other days he is not at school.
T*** loves helping his Daddy working on a classic mini! In the nice weather we have been in the sea a lot, T*** loves body boarding! We have been working very hard on finding 1/2 and 3/4's - we used Lego in the end to help T*** understand it. T*** also got an early birthday present of 2 bunny rabbits to look after 😊

I*** has been really persistent and absorbed by maths.  This week she amassed the most points on numbots for all time for the school (and keeps going). [...] She’s also been listening in to the conversations about times tables with C******** and started to write her own down by herself. Whilst I’m writing this she’s reading her own stories to bed!

Elizabeth made a fruit salad by herself. She even wrote the shopping list with all the fruit she wanted to include.

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Week 15
O***** has absolutely loved rejoining his class this week and had a brilliant time. He came home from school and made us all a fruit salad, all by himself! He really enjoyed finding out where the food in the cupboards came from and finding the countries on the globe. He couldn’t believe how far the food had come.. and neither could mummy and daddy!
Today O***** designed a sandwich, wrote a recipe and then made it, all by himself. It was delicious!
Week 14

Lava Lamp Experiment

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E*** has had lots of fun this week. We have been to the beach most days for a swim in the Sea and she has been in her paddling pool.  E*** has been building lots of Lego sets she got for birthday. She has been doing some home learning with her gran in the garden and really enjoyed doing a map for her route to school. We have been practising to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and E*** is doing really well. 
E*** has written a great story called Doggy Explorers all about our dog Buddy! She’s also been doing well with her reading and has started to really enjoy it, she has just finished reading The Enchanted Wood.

Mr Bennett was very excited to finally spot a Slow Worm whilst out on a walk around Wembury. He had been very jealous of all the pictures of the children who found one because they are one of his favourite creatures. 

Even better that it was calm enough to be held for a moment before it returned back to the sliding through the grass.

Week 13
This week has been very exciting...two kittens have come to live with us! H*** and his big brother have spent many hours playing with them and getting to know them, they've also proven to be great motivators when it comes to getting schoolwork done!

H*** used the kittens in his writing this week and has written a diary about their first few days with us.

O***** has really enjoyed his space week this week. He really enjoyed playing with the torch, making a sun, moon and earth model showing the phases of the moon.
He has made a volcano with his brother and loved making it erupt.
He has taken time at the beach and more time on the paddle board, enjoying the sun when it shone. The rain has afforded him time to hone his duplo skills!

Solar System Model

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E********'s solar system model. We watched a few videos and songs so she learnt a few facts and the model shows the names, colours, order of planet size and distance from the sun. 
Week 12
O***** has worked hard this week, following the homeschool timetable from Mr Bennett. He has been ably assisted by his brother for quite a lot of it, and has been very patient!
O***** is loving his Hero Academy books and has spent lots of time this week focussing on being a Super Hero. He has designed his own outfit and name for his super hero - ‘Supershine’. He has made his own Jet Pack and been reading his companion book lots, taking the super hero test and reading the comics.
O***** has enjoyed playing in the rain (a novelty of late) and been out making dens in the long grass in the field next door. He has also been busy making and eating cupcakes with J****.
H*** has been busy working at home this week writing about Cinder the Bubble Blowing Dragon. He enjoyed painting a picture of Cinder and labelling it. We also story mapped the story and H*** used this to write his version. He also thought about what might have happened next in the story.
H***’s been amazed at how quickly his sunflowers are growing. R***** W**** kindly gave him some seeds and he’s measuring & recording their heights daily.

Brilliant Biking

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T*** loves cycling now and we cycled down to the beach (the way back home was less fun!)  Our vegetables we grew at the start of lockdown are starting to come through - T*** has eaten most of the strawberries to himself!  T*** is getting confident at stand up paddle boarding & he completed his huge Lego Movie 2 spaceship Lego with his Daddy! T*** has loved going back to School and we are continuing his home learning 😊
E******** Read a book on Bug Club about origami and made a dog, a labybird and a bird. 
O***** really enjoyed half-term as both mummy and daddy were home from work for the whole week! We camped in the garden for 4 nights and spent glorious sunny days outside. O***** has learned to stand-up paddleboard, fly his kite and is much more confident in the water. He has had great fun in the garden with his brother, having water fights and using the paddling pool.
Even though it was half-term, O***** continued with his reading and school work. He now loves reading his books to his brother, who listens with enthusiasm. They spent lots of time hiding in the tent together making lego, playing games and looking at the books.
Mummy even cut his hair!!
E*** has been having lots of fun this week and over half term. We have been working on telling time and counting in 10’s to 100 which she has mastered now. She has also started writing about her favourite days over half term. E*** has been riding her bike, swimming in the river, having fun at the beach, walking on the moors, and been out on the paddle board with her dad.  Her favourite day was her birthday tho and she loved her kitten card from Mr Bennett. 

Week 11

Here is E********'s RE for this week. She is very proud of it!
O**** has been having a lovely half term with his family and has really appreciated being able to see his nanny and grandad this week. He has really taken on social distancing well and listened to the importance of it.  Also he has been getting better and better at learning how to to tell the time and this week we will
Be concentrating on some of his timetables! He has had lots of visits to the beach and has been collecting rubbish he has seen left to put it in the bin.
As you can see O**** loved being buried and although this picture doesn’t show that he asked to do it over and over again!!



We thought that we would send in a few photos of some of the recent things that R******* has been up to. He has been doing well with the White Rose Maths and keeping up with his reading. He made a postcard for his Grandparents and drew a picture of Wembury Beach at sunset with the Mewstone on the front. We talked about how people send postcards to someone special, to keep in touch and show them where they are, often having famous landmarks on the front.
R******* has also baked a loaf of bread and made vegetable kebabs for a bbq. He has been swimming in the River Yealm and paddle boarded with his Daddy from Hollacombe Woods to Wembury Beach.
We have now moved on to reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and R******* has made a ‘Nimbus 2000’ broomstick like Harry Potter’s! He found an unusual, twisted piece of wood for the broomstick & took cuttings from a holly tree for the brush!
Week 10 - Half-term
Week 9

Volcano Eruption

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First we made the volcano and then it erupted!

This week O***** has really enjoyed being able to revisit the skate park. He and his brother have enjoyed the freedom and practiced all their tricks.
O***** has been helping his daddy relay a patio, he has worked really hard and been very helpful.
He has been looking after his chickens so well, that they now eat out of his hand and get very excited when they see him.
O***** has contributed a stone to the village snake, hoping that others will join him in making it long enough to get around the whole car park.
Inspired by one of his reading books, O***** has made his own puppet and theatre, and is putting on plays with his brother. He really really loved doing this.

H*** has been doing really well learning how to tell the time. One of our favourite ways of practising is to make a giant chalk clock and use two different length sticks to make the time. H*** made a fantastic poster about the solar system and then he and his brother made their own planets our of clay. They also used the contents of the recycling bin to make a few different marble runs. This week we went in the car for the first time in almost 2 months and had a school trip to Bigbury; H*** has sent you a postcard! H*** is very proud of how his cycling is improving and he can even make it up some of Wembury's killer hills!

M** has been busy making her t-shirt for her birthday. We had a trip to beach yesterday and she wrote a little poem.

M**s also keeping active during the lockdown with climbing rocks and practicing her tap dance.

Making a volcano!

Staying Active!

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Week 8
E*** has been busy this week making a bird hide with her brother, beach combing and playing in her pool as well as doing her school work.

O**** has been doing very well at his spellings since lockdown and has really persevered every week to learn them for a spelling test that I set. Also this week we have been telling the time and for The V.E celebrations he enjoyed creating war medals and a British Flag. We went on to the BBC website and learnt all about the war and why we celebrate it to this day. 

We have also started reading the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and O**** loves to look at the illustrations . 

He has also been very good at helping with cleaning around the house and Learning to make his own bed 👍

Since lockdown he has also been perfecting his sofa dens!!

Here are some photos of what B**** has been upto, including growing veg, doing some work, helping build a shed plus making his very own ink and brusho (powder water paint) backgrounds ready to stamp on to make cards. And his VE day cards which we displayed at home and in the car plus gave some to Nanny Jill to display. 

Ten Times ...

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T*** loved our VE day celebrations – he dressed up and made some bunting and enjoyed working through the VE day pack. Our neighbour also left him a VE day pack which he collected.  Our strawberries are starting to come through and T*** loves to eat any ripe ones he can find.  T*** is enjoying his daily mile and sometimes runs it.  He has been doing some number bots on the laptop, and he learnt his 10 times table this week.  Finally we have planted some more seeds today to add to our ever growing veg collection! ðŸ˜Š
J***** and his brother L******* went on a mini beast hunt and found lots of things to tick off. We also had a v chilly swim in the sea!! We found lots of creatures in the rock pools.
J***** and his brother really enjoyed learning about VE day and WW2. They were very excited to see pictures of their great, great, great uncle pictured with Winston Churchill and the King. 

J***** coloured in lots of union jack bunting flags and drew lots of pictures of soldiers, tanks and spitfires. He also coloured in a map of Europe showing the different countries.

Hello, some photos of A***** doing home learning of sorts! She loved playing with the water beads, we watched them grow bigger in the water  and squished our hands and feet in them and searched for sea animals hiding underneath, which we counted and named. She is also enjoying her 'pe' sessions with A** in the hot tub!


A*****'s letter:

I've enjoyed spending lots of time looking after my rabbit and my dogs. My rabbit is called Honey bunny and my dogs are called Lottie, Lucy, Annie, Coco & Chica. We have lots of dogs because my Mummy rescues them. Some dogs that come here can be petrified because people have been mean to them. These dogs are called our foster dogs. We bath them and give them food then we find them a nice Mummy and Daddy. We tell them they have to look after them and hug them. 

I've been helping my Mummy & Daddy to look after our pets.  I've been feeding our rabbit carrots and her food. I've been making sure the dogs have water and have been making them beds. My favourite thing is to take them for a walk in peace, away from my noisy brother and sister 

I miss you and my friends. I hope coronavirus goes away soon as it's horrible

O***** has worked hard on George and the Dragon with Miss Brown at Oak National  Academy. He has also been helping J**** learn his phonic sounds. He has loved reading about mountains and looking at them on his globe. His vegetables are growing well.
The best part of O*****’s week was receiving a certificate from Mr Bennett for his great perseverance throughout this long time away from school.
E*** enjoyed learning lots about WW2 with her older brother last week. We watched lots of clips, built dens, made bunting and listened to lots of old songs and made plenty of cakes. As the weather has been so nice E*** has been playing in her paddling pool and we have been on lots of local walks to stay fit. E*** has also been enjoying lots of new books her granny bought.
E***** and Daddy made this frame for a family photo.
Here {I***] is putting a letter together for Mr B. 
Short on content, big on heart!!!

A***** really enjoyed the VE learning and we live in Mount Batten so we showed her videos of the sea planes, Winston Churchill’s speech and introductions to WW2, talked about rationing, she did some VE Day colouring and made a flag, she learnt her name on phonics and her grandad sent through some info on A*****’s great grandad which she found very interesting, we then went for a walk around the local area and saw the water where the sea planes landed. We also went up to the top of Mount Batten where the standings for the guns used are still visible, and there is also a plaque remembering the Australian  air men that were based there.

She’s been working her way through her workbooks and she is learning to tell the time today.

Week 7
E***** painting a Union flag to celebrate VE day.
This week at home R******* has made a birds nest. We talked about all of the different materials that birds use to build their nests and we collected moss, lichen, dried leaves and grass, sticks, wool and feathers on one of our walks, so that R******* could try to weave together a nest as birds do.
He has also washed & ridden his bike, done some baking & cake decoration, made Harry Potter house flags and has been enjoying lots of the ‘draw along’ Art for Kids Hub videos on YouTube.
This morning we have been learning the days of the week and the months of the year, as well as playing Connect 4 and Giant Jenga in the garden. H***** beat [his mum]. Haha!
O***** has had a fun week this week. He has used all his concentration and skills to make his lego technic models, which he had been saving from his birthday.
He has made a mobile - using clay to make the shapes and then painting them. He worked with his daddy to design the frame, measure and cut the wood, join them together and then hang the shapes. He has it in his bedroom so that he can see it every night.
O***** has also loved running and riding his bike around the village.
O**** has been very busy doing all sorts of things. He’s been a good helper with his little
Brother A**** whilst his
Mum has had to work, a builder with his Dad and has had many walks together with his family where he lives.  He has tried his hand at some face painting  and tried to be outside (in the garden as much as possible) He has adapted well to this difficult time.
Mostly and we have all learnt lots and mostly really enjoyed all this lovely weather. He has loved writing to his friends and finding out what they are up to! He misses them lots and looks forward to going back to school whenever that might be!!

Sheltering in an Air Raid

Still image for this video

Evacuation Bag

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A* and M** got dress today in clothes which children in WW2 would be wearing.
They have made their own labels 🏷 with their name, addresses and date of birth.
They have packed their suitcases with essentials and stuff they thought would be good to have with them when we had to hide in the shelter in the garden. They had so much fun today 😂
The family picture of us out together in our hats was on the day the London marathon should have been taking place, as [H*****'s daddy] and I should have been running it, so we went out as family and ran 2.6 miles instead.
We have been keeping busy, J***** has been writing a diary every day. We've been out walking our dog most days and J***** has been doing his school work with some encouragement!!
G*** & her sister, who’ll be starting school next September (they’re inseparable), have been painting rainbows, making garden planters, making pasta, dressing up as pirates and sailing our makeshift pirate ship in the garden :-)
G***’s runner beans are also growing strong and we hope to plant them out soon.
Week 6
E*** has been planting lots of vegetables this week. She has written instructions to give to her Nana for how to make a cake we made.
She has also learnt about the planets and made a picture on the computer to show them.

This week we have been cycling lots, even in the rain and have been getting quite muddy. H***'s big brother was asked to write a poem about the beach and H*** wanted to give it a go too so we sat on the beach and thought of all the things we could see, hear, feel and taste and then later he wrote his version. We've also been practising measuring objects accurately using different length rulers.
J***** is doing a lot of growing in the garden too. He would like to know what you're growing.
We're really enjoying learning about new topics everyday in his 'All About' book and he particularly enjoyed the dissection of a bluebell and working out which bit of the flower does what, and making bread (and then writing a poem about it afterwards). 
A******** made lemon cake and E******** made fairy cakes!
Today the boys have been learning about the Solar System and drew some pictures using oil pastels for their bedroom walls.
We have been enjoying cycling and tree climbing during lockdown, and have planted some mangetout, radish, tomatoes and beans. They are enjoying learning to look after the plants.
Core work wise, they both love White Rose Maths and Spelling Shed!
O***** is getting more and more into the swing of learning at home. In addition to the school work, the Oaks National Academy and BBC bitesize, Oliver has been exploring the world around him.

He planned the route for a nature walk around the village, ensuring that he had all the equipment that he might need - clipboard and scavenger hunt check list, binoculars, tape measure, magnifying glass and torch. He had a great time ticking off his the nature that he saw, measuring burrows, smelling blossom and even visiting the school grounds. He thought that it looked as though there was snow on the school field, with all the beautiful daisies. He even said hello to T***, who was sitting in his garden enjoying the sun!

He has also done an experiment using an apple to produce electricity to power a watch. This was part of a science kit that he received for Christmas from Grandad.
R******* is adjusting well to ‘home school’ although really misses his friends.
He has been cycling and walking miles, climbing trees and exploring the woods and fields. One day he and his brother found some wool caught on a big fallen tree and they decided it must have been from
when the sheep were grazing in that area.
R*******’s Daddy built a vegetable planter which R******* painted and this week he planted up the first of our seedlings.
R******* likes doing his school work at the desk he has in his room. This week he has made a pirate treasure map and also boats from tinfoil which he tested by seeing how many coins he could put inside before they sank! He has also become very interested in Harry Potter and has been busy reading the first book, comparing it to the movie and making wands from wood.

E***** has been learning about the water cycle this morning.

Week 5

E***** was pleased with [Mr Bennett's] suggestion to make a map of the garden.

E***** asked me also to send a picture of the "pirate ship" his dad built for him in the garden. [laugh]

M** has been enjoying her bike ride. She has done over 60 miles since we started the lock down.

A* & M** have enjoyed making their own behaviour chart! They both been behaving most of the days and following mummy’s rules at home school.

M** is a little forest princess. She has enjoyed walking through the woods and making her flower crown.

A* & M** challenge themselves daily on our outside board.

A* and M** trying to their best to balance

M** is such a good student!

Actually sent Week 4. Apologies again for missing the email, Mr B.


H*** has been very busy at our school. We've been starting the day with a daily 2 mile run to the beautiful beach. This week we've been practising counting in French as we run! He's also enjoyed playing teacher and setting (& marking) maths challenges and he's made a beautiful 100th birthday card for Captain Tom Moore after we watched him on Newsround. We've finished this week with cookie Friday. A big hello to the rest of year 1!

Actually sent Week 4. Apologies again for missing the email, Mr B.


I know he is a bit late but T*** has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers! We have painted some pictures for our windows & T*** made a sword from some wood. We are doing daily P.E and this photo is from fancy dress Fridays!


Actually sent Week 4. Apologies again for missing the email, Mr B.
As part of Earth Day M** & H*** carried out a 15 minute beach clean. When we got home we thought about where the rubbish might’ve come from. We were a bit surprised that although people haven’t been able to use the beach recently, the majority of the litter appeared to have come from beach-goers and from the land rather than marine litter. Most of the rubbish was made of plastic.
E***** has been busy making a treasure chest with his dad. He has also written a poem about dogs.

Preparing Eggshell

Still image for this video
I*** is using a pestle to crunch eggshells to put in the garden.
O***** has continued to enjoy learning from home - he has been working through the work set by Mr Bennett, but is also enjoying BBC Bitesize and the Oaks Academy sessions. He has been writing to his friends and loved receiving his letters back. He is becoming an expert baker and loves licking the spoon! His plants are growing too. Daddy even set up a wheel-barrow roller coaster in the living room, but did charge O***** £1.20 of his play money coins to ride in it!
We talked about how mining for the components needed to make mobile phones is destroying habitats around the world & that mobile phones are often discarded after a few years because people want a better model. H***’s poster shows trees and plants destroyed & lying in a giant quarry & he wanted the message to encourage people to recycle their old phones.
Week 4
Here are a few photos of some of the things J** & E*** have been up to over the last few weeks. We’ve been doing lots of crafty/ creative stuff and making the most of the weather by getting outside as much as possible! Xx

S**** and her little brother Z*** were quite interested to know what a 'key worker' was, having heard lots about it. They came up with lots of ideas of who might be a key worker and why they still had to work at the moment. They printed out designs they liked for each key worker, coloured them in, laminated and cut them out (all with a little help!). They made a beautiful window display to say thank you to all the key workers still working at the moment. Apparently Mr Bennett wears a blue shirt! 

Hope you are staying safe.

Week 3 - Easter Break
O***** has been enjoying being at home and has been working hard on the work set by Mr Bennett. He has enjoyed writing to his friends, and has loved receiving letters from E***** and R*******. He has made a Rainbow and is hoping that lots of his friends have seen it in the window. O***** has planted some vegetables, been digging in the garden and playing on his climbing frame. He is missing sharing his experiences with his friends but is glad to have his brother at home! Here is a picture of his home school work.
Week 2 - Easter Break
A few of R*******’s activities this week. He has been planting cucumber, tomato, rocket, lettuce & radish seeds for a salad garden, busy in the kitchen making a cottage pie & bringing 3D animals to life in our living room!
Week 1

The first ​​week has come to an end and I hope that you have all enjoyed your first week learning at home. Even though the next two weeks fall as Easter break, I will continue to upload pictures of your fantastic experiences to help you show your friends all the great things you are getting up to.​​​​​ 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine we are so lucky to have at the moment.

Hi there!

M** & H*** have started work on a bug hotel - it's full of nooks and crannies for the creatures to hide in. M** has created a poster explaining why it's important to encourage creepy crawlies into the garden and H*** is making a bug fact file. It's been great to be outdoors in the sunshine this week. 

The boys are missing Wembury Primary!

We have been keeping up our daily mile, looked after our new chickens (although no eggs yet!) and then we made banana and milk smoothies and froze them to make lollipops!
T*** completed PE this morning again with Joe Wicks then we fed the chickens, did some school work and then did some vegetable growing! 😊
A***** and her brother [from Preschool]

Lots of outdoor (social distance) learning!

Learning what happens when we mix colours and meeting Granny's new chickens.

Day 1

Gardening -  Learning about the properties of plants, today it was Lavender and Aloe Vera and what makes them different. We used some of the Aloe Vera on their dry, cracked hands. "A round of a claws" as I*** put it at the end of the lesson. One of them will be the Water Monitor each day (for the plants!) and we plan to sow our own and learn about each one as we go.

Hope you are all well!!!!

Learning for Life