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Super Rainforest Learning from Evie!

A Beautiful Creature Inspired by Harry Potter from Grace!

Impressive Creativity from Charles - superb!

Excellent Transition Learning from Laurie.

Superb Science from Laurie!

A brilliant 'Coat of Arms' from Evie

An Incredible Story from Annabelle - Rock, Paper and Scissors!

Ava's Terrific Transition Work and Amazing Art using String and Nails!

A Great Plan from Roma!

A Perfect Poem about Rock from Charles - inspired by 'Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Great Creative Work from Dylan and a new sport 'Hydro-foiling' - wow, this looks amazing fun!

Rock, Paper, Scissors - an awesome movie trailer created by Aimee!

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A brilliant project from Caitlin comparing Devon with Ghana!

A super project from Ava comparing London with Paris!

A fabulous project from Olly comparing England with Senegal!

A terrific project from Laurie comparing Texas with Devon!

A brilliant project from Roma comparing two Plymouths!

Great Geometry from Annabelle!

Evie has been working on her amazing project - excellent enthusiasm Evie. It is so interesting.

Ethan and Family - Incredible marathon running (many congratulations), mummified tomatoes, rainbow fudge, spitfires and more!

Ava and Family - SATS breakfast, Eco-Brick Learning; a fabulous week!

Ajay - time for a snack after looking after your lovely pets. Yummy!

Charles' Super SATS Learning! Awesome mascots too!

Laurie having fun completing Home Learning Sats - loving the mascot Laurie!

Lovely, cute mascot for Fun Sats Week Harvey - thank you!

Stunning VE Paintings from Ava and Fergus - truly beautiful!

Excellent VE Day fun, Fresh Air and Exercise. Superb Ajay!

Roma - fun SATS and enjoying the sunshine - FANTASTIC!

Wow! Amazing skills, learning and fun to celebrate VE week. Fabulous Grace and her family!

Dressed for VE day and a brilliant banner for the NHS Isla!

Great skills Olly, building a vegetable planter and fun VE day celebrations!

Ava and Fergus - Butterfly Release, Corn Beef Hash Dinner and the Ultimate Union Jack Lego Build: Incredible!

Dylan's Dynamic Pendulum Wave Project with Dad - Mesmerising!

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Dylan Appreciating the Amazing Beauty all Around and Fantastic Work on 'Atlantis'.

Brilliant Banners from Charles - reflecting the current times. Superb!

Ethan has been very creative and has produced some super outcomes (some with his brother Matthew). Excellent!

Roma has been very creative with her writing, drawing, cooking and needlework! Superb!

Fabulous Information about 'The Lost Ciy' - thank you Olly.

Awesome Art from Olly and his family - Andy Warhol!

Inspired by 'White Fang', Evie has written a new story! Brilliant.

Wow! What a Story Isla! 'My Ocean, My Story'

Laurie - An Amazing Array of Activities, including Earth Day Star Gazing, Cooking, Campout, Geocaching and Rafting! Brilliant!

Isla Performing Her Own Composition: The Song of Sparta! This is beautiful and haunting - inspired by the story of 'The Trojan Horse'.

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The Song of Sparta - Isla has composed a beautiful song - she has done this all by 'ear'. Very impressive!

A Magnificent Cake Evie! Well Done.

Olly - Doors: You'll Never Walk Alone. A superb story - reflecting our times!

Baking, Building, Blossom, Card Playing, Enjoying the Sun - Heidi and Fabulous Learning with her Family

Evie - inspired by nature once more! A fantastic story and images after a walk at Staddiscombe.

Heidi and Ben's 'Earth Day Beach Clean' -identifying groups of rubbish and where it comes from. Great job!

Annabelle has been baking lemon cake - yummy!

Beautiful Pebble Art from Evie

Caitlin and her siblings have been busy on a range of fabulous activities. We love the Plaster of Paris 'hand' for 'Earth Day'. Brilliant!

Dylan has created an impressive storyboard for 'The Trojan Horse' - it's amazing!

Ethan and his brother Matthew have created fantastic biscuits for Anzac day and a great coat of arms for St. George's day. Superb!

The War of the Fairies Part 2 by Charles - brilliant!

Charles has beens super busy. The food looks amazing.


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Lily and her sisters have been using excellent skills to produce some fabulous items. Well done.

A fabulous 'Earth Day' poster from Olly in this powerpoint!

Lucca has been busy - learning, painting forest stones, camping out!

Super learning from Heidi - lots of fresh air with Ben, the Trojan storyboard and Bug Club Tasks complete!

The War of the Fairies by Charles - Fantastic. We can't wait to read the rest!

The Trojan Horse - a brilliant storyboard from Grace W!

Dylan's Projects - superb!

Music Making - looks great fun Ava!

A fabulous story by Evie, inspired by Wembury lambs.

So good to hear you are keeping in touch children.

Esme painting Gerold the dog. Wow - super art.

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