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International Week - Taste of Italy

We have had a fantastic week celebrating International Week. We chose to focus on Italy and explored some of the things that have come out of Italy. We began by locating Italy on a map and comparing its size and proximity to the Equator to that of the UK. We went on to look at the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci and how he was both an artist and inventor with an ambition to get humans flying. We looked at other designs that have come from Italy such as some of their sports cars and designed our own. The next day we looked at famous architecture like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and created our own model. We also made our own pizzas - including the dough - from scratch. We finished off the week by looking at the fashion capital Milan and the influence this has across the world. We created our own outfits and even showed them off on the catwalk for Year 5. What a great week it has been!

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