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Introduction to Ju Jutsu September 2018

Starting the school year off the way we mean to go on, children from Year 2, 3,4, 5&6 took part in an introduction to Ju Jutsu day at school today.


Ju Jutsu is the ancient unarmed combat system of the Samurai Warrior and is a self defence martial art that develops, strengthens and conditions the body whilst promoting a calm and peacful mind. 


All of the children enjoyed the day,  a number of children that already attend the sessions held here on Tuesday nights throughout term time were able to demonstrate their very capable abilities on the mat. 


If you and/or your child is interested in taking finding more about Ju Jutsu you can find all the information on their website. Please visit or contact Sensai Greg Regan on


Have a look at some of the action below.

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