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KS2 Gymnastics at Coombe Dean 2018

Wednesday morning saw 8 of our budding gymnasts from Year 3 & 4 travel to Coombe Dean for a gymnastics festival with surrounding primary schools. Here they were given the opportunity to use the bars, the beam, the vault, springboard and trampet and to master a floor routine while being assessed by 2 judges from Aspire Gymnastics. The sports leaders from Coombe Dean led them through each activity explaining clearly in a very mature manner what they needed to do and how to do it safely. It is always a pleasure to attend these events and see ex-pupils from Wembury taking on leadership roles. This time I was very proud to have 5 of our previous pupils in these roles which highlights our vision of inspiring a love of health and fitness and giving our pupils the tools they need to go forward and succeed in life. 


All of our children rose to the challenge ( as we would expect!) and the judges selected Chloe Hawker, Lottie Kenny and Owain Woodcock to compete in the final of the springboard and trampet competition. All 3 of them performed amazingly but it was Chloe Hawker that brought home the silver place.


The children were also judged on their floor routines and Chloe was also succesful in gaining 2nd place here - Well done! And well done to all of our gymnasts for taking part, trying their best and performing so beautifully.

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