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Marjons Netball tournament

Our super Netballers hit the road yesterday, and ventured up to Marjons for a Plymouth Primary school's Netball tournament that was held over 3 days.  Teams had to play the very strict 'High five' rules and adhere to squad rotation in what proved a very fast, technical series of matches. 


Try as we might, shot after shot, the ball just refused to go in the net. It went over it, under it, around it, every way and at the end of 6 very fast matches we finished red faced and happy but with no trophy to show for it.

Much fun was had though with a really good show of team spirit and some very impressive skills that built over the day. The Year 6's even found time in the morning to work on their speeches for English Mrs Chamberlain will be pleased to know!


A big thank you to the young sports leaders from Marjons that officiated the event and to PSSP for organising another brilliant day. 

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