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Year 5 have been developing and mastering their pen and ink techniques for drawing. This follows on from their drawing skills in pencil and they have put what they learnt there to good use, including use of visual language to evaluate their own and other's work. They also proved that although they were fearful of an initial challenge, they showed resilience and determination in completing it.
What was the challenge?
Each child had an image of a Van Gogh pen and ink portrait. This had to be duplicated to discover new techniques and to master them, as well as draw facial features, already studied, in the correct position. This may not sound much of a challenge until you realise that both the image and their copy had to be reproduced upside down! If you want to find out why ask Year 5. Their work was brilliant and perhaps better than even they could have predicted. Take a look below at there masterpieces. They will be putting these skills and techniques to further use when they complete a self-portrait - now that will be a challenge!

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