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Music is Good for You!



Music makes an important contribution to the life of every school and should be celebrated, promoted and encouraged. It helps build pupils’ self-esteem and self-discipline and leads to higher standards across the curriculum’

Making the Most of Music in Your School  [November 2014]


The positive impact that music can have on personal and social development is well documented. Benefits include: increased self-reliance, confidence and self-esteem; the ability to express thoughts and emotions, to experiment and develop creativity; cooperative skills and teamwork.


In addition, new research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain. Studies have shown a direct link between music and improved reading ability, mathematical skills, and increased IQ scores, particularly when teaching is associated with rhythm.


This is very good news for Wembury Primary School where over half of the children in Key Stage 2 will be learning an instrument this term. Violin, guitar, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, drums and piano are taught through our Music Club, which has been growing over the last six years.


During Key Stage 2, ALL children get an opportunity to learn ukulele, recorder, djembe drumming, samba and violin in class music sessions. So many of our older children are confident to play a range of instruments in a group piece, composition or song accompaniment.


As well as making plenty of music in school this term, children will be participating in the Saltash Music Festival [January 26th – February 6th], Wembury Battle of the Bands [March 7th] and at our annual Wembury Primary PlayDay [March 25th].


Look out for further information about these events and we hope you will be able to join us. Remember music is fun, music is for everyone and above all music is good for you!


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