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A RIP-ROARing Success!

There are not enough words to describe the KS2 performance of Lion King Kids. If you attended you'll know exactly how fabulous it was.

The audience was captured from the start - the power and confidence of the singing was enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall! And it should do, it's a shame we haven't got a tour bus!

It was simply breath-taking (to use a word from a visiting grandparent who has seen many shows). The connection with the audience was incredible - the children did not fail to show their enjoyment and enthusiasm, as well as their 'hidden' confidence. How proud must they be? 

Another visitor used to be in Music Education (for 40 years) and although in the course of his duties he has seen many similar events - 'Wembury School's was truly out of the top drawer!'

We eagerly await a possible response from Tim Rice and who knows, with all the added attention the school may get improved performance facilities???

A sense of PRIDE is afoot, hopefully by all, and it is well-deserved.

THANK YOU ALL - a truly tremendous community effort. 



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