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Are You Watching England?!

The England national football team could probably learn a few things from our KS2 football players. They took pride in representing the school again today and showed their determination to win. Both of our teams played really well and scored some brilliant goals.  There were also some impressive saves from the goalkeepers. 


Yealmpstone Farm Primary and Lipson Vale Primary also brought two teams to play in our tournament. The group matches saw some very good performances and lots of goals scored by all three schools. Unfortunately, Lipson Vale had to leave after the group matches to return to school before home time. This left two teams from Yealmpstone Farm and two from Wembury. Our teams played each other in one semi-final and Yealmpstone Farm played each other in the other semi-final. This ensured two different schools would be represented in the final.


The Yealmpstone Farm semi-final was very close. After the scoreline was 0-0 at the end of the second half, the match went to penalties. Yealmpstone Farm's B team showed excellent team spirit and togetherness to win their semi-final and set up a final with the Wembury A team. Despite playing really well and trying really hard, our B team could have learnt a lot from the team spirit and attitudes of the Yealmpstone Farm B team - well done to them.


Some players started to tire by the time the final came around (this was their fourth match). After some excellent defending from Yealmpstone Farm and patience from Wembury, Wembury comfortably won 10-0 to win the final and get their hands on the trophy. 


Well done to all players involved. There was excellent sportsmanship shown by everyone throughout, with handshakes and 'three cheers' for each team at the end of each match.



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