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Au Revoir nos amis de Locmaria-Plouzane

Another busy day in school - with training, meetings, sports events and visitors, oh and teaching and learning!

We were very pleased to welcome some fellow teachers from a primary school, in the twinned town of Locmaria-Plouzane. Children from Lacmaria and Wembury have been communicating and today it was great to meet some of the teachers. Colette, Christine, Sylvie and Laurence had a grand tour of the school, courtesy of some Year 6 children. They couldn't believe the grounds we have, the amazing story chair, the adventurous play equipment, the amount of IT hardware and of course the pool. It appears their school does not have a grassed area and there is more formality and restriction on their 'creative' curriculum. However, they too have a beach near and of course the most popular thing for our children was that the French do not have a uniform!

We sometimes forget how fortunate we are, and how lucky we are to have the wealth of grounds and amenities at our doorstep. 

We shall continue to exchange work, photos and videos and hopefully we may get to visit them in the near future. They certainly enjoyed their visit to school, and then off to the beach. We hope they have a safe journey home.

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit.

Learning for Life