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BBC Breakfast Filming

Year 5 were invited to Centrica Power Station at Langage, Plympton, where the BBC Breakfast team (Stephanie) were filming about science, engineering and future aspirations. The children got to dress up in suitable protective gear and visit the site. They were amazed at the size of some of the pipes, fans and buildings and had to wear special microphones and ear defenders to hear over the noise of the turbines. Once the site visit was completed they then had the opportunity to play and investigate in the science pod - answering questions, generating pedal power and printing a green thumb print. This thumb print represented two thoughts on the way we could be a greener society. (They remembered for a couple of days afterwards as the ink was tricky to wash off!) The BBC complimented the school on the behaviour of the children and we look forward to the edited version to be aired, on BBC Breakfast, on December 30th. Who knows perhaps more children have now aspired to becoming an engineer, designer or scientist. They were certainly enthusiastic about their visit and keen to return again.

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