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Crossing Borders - Crossing the Channel

As you may be aware, during the last week of term, we welcomed visitors from a Keriscoualc'h School, Locmaria Plouzane, the town twinned with Wembury. We made it into their newspaper - Le Telegramme. Click on the link below and you can view the article in French and below a translation in English.





Three teachers Sylvie Le Quinio, Christine Lebrun and Colette Cailleau, accompanied by Laurence Rodriguez, member of the board of the twinning committee, crossed the English Channel last weekend. This trip to the Wembury Primary school will help enrich exchanges between Wembury School and Keriscoualc'h School, The Director, Susie Evans, as well as two Wembury Twinning Committee, John and Jerry, have given them a particularly warm welcome.


Develop students' curiosity about languages

Apart from the traditional visits of classes, local, outdoor equipment and exchanges with the teaching team and students, the teachers attended a rounders game. The latter, a traditional English game was followed by a concert, given by pupils of the Primary school. In conjunction with the Kériscoualc'h school project, these exchanges will facilitate the development of cultural and linguistic knowledge and will certainly arouse students' curiosity for languages. During this school year, between videos, maps, mails, etc., the children have already shared several works, with the help of Marie Bennett, a reference teacher in modern languages. "The twinning committee welcomes this project, which is likely to give new impetus to exchanges between the two municipalities,'' Laurence Rodriguez.
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