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Dancing Feet!

Wembury Primary children went dance crazy today with everyone putting on their dancing feet and having lots of fun taking part in a dance mat competition run by our Year 6 Bronze Ambassadors. Each year group took it in turns to follow as many dance moves as they could and keep time with the music. The event was organised and run by our Year 6 sports leaders as part of their Bronze ambassador course, they did a fantastic job timetabling the event, organizing each year group, demonstrating, warming up the children and designing and handing out certificates to all participants and the Dance mat champions of the day. It was a great way to get everyone in school ( including a few of the teachers!) up and active and ready for the party season. Well done to Emily, Alana, Kai, Edward, Aidan and David, who was our honorary 6th ambassador for the day, and a huge well done to all the children that took part.


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