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Fayre-y Good Turnout!

What an amazing turnout for Wembury's Summer Fayre! It was all hands on deck from the start, with a number of stalls selling out of their wares. Louise Wise (Current Chair of FroWS) had organised the event brilliantly - so firstly a massive thank you must go to her and then the team of helpers, of which there were many, who helped with the smooth running of the day - to well past 4.00pm)

The weather was glorious; the arena events were entertaining and captured the community feel, with games and dancing. (The much-looked forward to Maypole Dances and the Flash Mob Dance.)    

There was such an air of community and enjoyment, though tired feet by the end of the day. Congratulations to all out raffle prize winners and of course FroWS for ensuring the success of this major event.

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