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First Cross country of the new year

Cross country season was off to a flying start this week with the first race on our home field at Wembury. We had children from all of our Ks2 classes running, children from years 3,4 & 5 all ran together, first the girls and then the boys with 2 of our boys Oliver and Zac claiming 12th and 15th place! A huge well done to our year 3 and 4 runners who were running with children a lot bigger than them but this did not phase them one bit - Well done!

Then came the turn of the year 6 races, renown as a super fast and competitive run. The girls flew around the course, very impressive performances from all, then came the boys. You could see the looks of determination as they lined up at the start, as the horn blew they were off. All of our boys getting off to a good start, Kai took an early 3rd place and held all the way around the course looking like he could get a 2nd place until the last corner where some jostling for position almost ended with him on the floor, but he caught and stabilized himself and finished with a fantastic 4th place - well done Kai! And a huge well done to our other year 6 runners, Dylan claiming 15th and Harvey in 16th - super efforts all around.

It would be unfair not to mention that Oliver, Kai and Harvey had already had a full afternoon representing the school in a football match ( which they won in style) before their epic cross country run. Always an inspiration, children and sport, fitness for life no!           


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