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Good-Bye and Good Luck!

The end of the academic year is always tinged with sadness as we have good-byes to say!

This year we say good-bye to our Year 6, who are moving on to a range of secondary schools so for some it was their last academic day together. There was laughter and tears; from pupils, parents and staff! The swimming pool was invaded at the end of the school day! Unfortunately due to the weather, the usual beach BBQ and rib ride couldn't go ahead, so it all had to take place in the school. 

The finale being a balloon release - a poignant moment, when all floated away, on a journey to who knows where?

(The balloons were biodegradable - we hope these weren't the cause of the UFOs spotted over Cornwall!!)



We also said our good-byes to Mr Chown, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Graziosi; we wish them all the very best in their new roles and ventures and thank them for the time they spent here at Wembury.

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