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Harvest Celebrations -

This year the Harvest celebration took place for the whole school on a theme of 'Health & Well-being.'
Each year group participated with a song, a poem, a dance or facts - or even a combination! Some children in Years 5 & 6 wrote poetry, for 'Seeds to Africa' and donated money as well as their poem, in the hope that their poem will be selected for publication. The funding goes towards support for providing seeds, so that crops can be grown.
Parents and Pre-school sent in a plethora of food gifts that will be taken to the Shekinah Mission, in Plymouth, who we know will be truly grateful. Thank you all for your generous support and know that these gifts will make a difference to those in need. 

Look carefully through the photos and you may spot some strange fruit and veg - kindly provided by our EYFS class and remember there is more than one page of photos!


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