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Health & Safety Assembly

With the new development taking place in Wembury, at Barton Brake, (as named by Rachel), we felt it important to work with Taylor Wimpey, the contractors, to ensure pupils kept themselves safe.

The site is the other side of the public park; as it is so close to where children play Taylor Wimpey sent in their site manager Adam and his colleague Diana to get pupils' views on what may be dangerous and how to keep themselves safe. They also discussed how they keep their site workers safe, including all the protective gear. Tommy and Teagan had great fun and caused great amusement in their glowing outfits!

Pupils were aghast to know that not only did the site have its rules, that had to be followed, but also that workers had to take a test, and only if they were successful at both could they work on the site. Unfortunately tests and exams do not just finish at school!



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