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Jesus' Christmas Party

Foundation and KS1 have now completed their amazing performances of Jesus' Christmas Party. Yes they really did have a party!

In fact it was a ball! Considering how young some of the cast were they did an amazing job. The story of the Nativity was told through the tale of a grumpy inn keeper - and boy was she grumpy!! Fancy getting no sleep because people were constantly knocking on your door all night.

The songs were so uplifting and the children certainly enjoyed singing and dancing to them. The first performance saw a few in awe of the stage but as the days and performances went on, their confidence shone through. The music and songs were supported by Ms Boucherat and her growing troupe of professional players - namely our Year 6 - Matthew on drums, Ollie on electric bass guitar, Tom on piano and Jav on saxophone.

A great party was had by all!


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