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King of the Crops

Harvest is upon us and the crops are bountiful; all because of the Scarecrow, which is steeped in history.

Today, dads and grandads helped Foundation stage make some wonderful Scarecrows and in record time! Take a look at the amazing results. We're not sure who had the most fun - the adults or the children! Who do you think? (Keep a look out in the Herald for an article on this activity too.)


We are also looking forward to sharing scarecrows from the Shang Dynasty, North America and Egypt, in our Harvest Celebration tomorrow. After this we are going to adorn the school fence with the scarecrows, so all can see when they enter Wembury, and your Harvest gifts will be presented to the Shekinah Mission. Hopefully you will get opportunity  to see what our studies in RE have been about in our Parent Open event on Friday, at 2.00pm. We look forward to sharing all the fabulous work of your children.

Learning for Life