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Local Apple Juice - from our own orchard - for sale

Posting on behalf of FroWS. ( Friends of Wembury School)

Selling 750ml bottles of Pure Pressed Wembury Apple Juice. £2:75 per bottle or £5 for two bottles.

Pressed from local Apples collected from The Wembury Orchard and gardens of kind residents, who have donated.

Bottled into glass bottles and the pasteurised, this pure apple juice will keep for 2 years from bottling. Nothing has been added. It’s just pure juice.

They are lovely for personal consumption, would make a great gift, and all proceeds go to support FroWS.

We will take orders online for collection on Wembury, are selling at the Wembury Farmers Market (lockdown allowing) and may be able to sell via the Wembury Stores.

Please do get in touch, this is a fabulous local product and will help support FroWS.

Many thanks.

Louise Wise, Kelly Roberts, Laura Greenaway Dan Gibbons.
FroWS team


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