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Mermaid Spotted in Wembury!

Just a few of my favourite things!!!The theme for this year's Musical PlayDay.

Mermaid Ariel (otherwise known as Silver) used her beautiful voice to mesmorise us, not only that but she flapped her flipper to the beat! We are so pleased that she has her voice back from the horrid Ursula!

As usual the children rose to the challenge of performing - singing, either as a soloist or in a group and brave enough to play instruments that some have only been learning for three weeks! What a plethora of talent and how many amazing voices: Sarah, Alana, Kayla Josie and Ophelia to name just a few.

There are definitely some bands in the making, destined for stardom. Even staff had learnt a new instrument, taught by pupils!

How 'Proud,' an apt song to finish on, were we all of our super, talented pupils and staff and our inspirational Ms Boucherat!!


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