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Rachel Has Winning Name

Rachel (Year 3) won the naming competition, for the new Taylor Wimpey development, due to go ahead in Wembury.  Although there were many fantastic entries, TWEX (Taylor Wimpey) felt that her name best suited the development. But how did Rachel come up with the name and what was it?

'First I was thinking of Berry Hill so I asked my mum and dad and they said there wasn’t a hill on the estate where they were going to build. I talked to my family and between us we thought of things around us. Barton Road is near us and I also thought of breaking rocks with my friend and then put Barton and breaking together. Then daddy helped with the name Brake from my idea. I had lots of ideas but finally chose Barton Brake.'

So BARTON BRAKE is to be the name and we look forward to it as a sign soon - Rachel won a £20 book voucher, which she said she was going to share with her sister, and the school were presented with a book voucher for £50 - which no doubt Mrs Chamberlain will be delighted to spend (as Literacy Co-ordinator) on new books for the school.   Well done Rachel!

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