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RNLI Visit

Going to the beach is a regular pastime in the summer months but especially here, in Wembury.

Ivan and Lewis, our visiting Lifeguards, were amazing. They entertained, but most importantly they put across the message of beach safety in a memorable way to the whole school! The children learnt about the flags and why and where they might see them and of course what they mean. Other dangers on the beach and in the water were discussed and what to do in an emergency.

The Lifeguard vehicle proved very popular, as you can imagine, especially the siren and having a go on the loud speaker.

A huge thank you to the RNLI, for providing this FREE safety training, and informing the children of the importance of their own safety and that of others on the beach or in the water. The rules are there for a very good reason - to save lives! 

Learning for Life