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Safe and Successful STEM Week

This week has been our STEM week. (Science Technology Engineering and Maths.)

Across the school children have been experimenting, investigating, using new technology and resources but above all had fun! Some have even been inspired to become a scientist, engineer or designer. They certainly have the talent.

The week culminated with the eclipse, where many parents and children watched safely, this phenomena. Later that morning we had an assembly to celebrate achievement and effort throughout the week.

Di Filby was guest of honour and presented the Technology Award, in memory of her husband, Peter Filby, who was a governor at the school and passionate about inspiring children to be interested in engineering or science.  But we didn't use any shop bought trophy! Instead Wesley Millership, who has a keen interest in technology and how things work, was assigned the task of designing and making this trophy. He did an amazing job and we were all very proud of him.

Although there were six nominations for this award there could only be one winner. This was drawn out of the hat by Di and presented to Lila Skilton-Dower in Year 2. Well done to her and all other nominated pupils - F - Owain, Y1 - Heidi, Y3 - Megan, Y4/5 - William, Y5/6 - Harrison. 

Our STARS of the week were nominated for their enthusiasm, co-operative skills and general interest in the week. These children were:

F - Harrison, Y1 - Charles, Y2 - Rowan, Y3 - Jake, Y4/5 - Scott, Y5/6 - Wesley.

We then had a prize for the best STRAWBEE design, in years 2-6. (Strawbees are something new that Miss Burt, our Science Co-ordinator found. They connect or join straws so that you are able to make levers or hinges or other moving parts.) The staff and children were amazed by what could be made using this simple but effective gadget.

Winners were: Y2 - Ned, Y3 - Robyn, Y4/5 - Zak, Y5/6 - Cerys and her team.

Well done to all winners but also to all our pupils who participated so well this week. Each will receive a STEM Week certificate.  


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