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Ssshh, SATs Time of Year!!

Next week Year 6 are invited in for breakfast at the start of the four days of national testing. (SATs.)

Year 2's are not administered in the same way, it is much more relaxed, and at times they may not even realise they are even taking a test, and have until the end of May to complete them! 

It is hoped that we keep all children as relaxed as possible, ensuring that after tests are completed, they just get out and about and have fun. Whilst we recognise this can be a difficult time we have found that children have stated they enjoyed the tests!!! (Must have been the breakfast or cuddly toy they brought in!)

Please take the time to read the Parents' Leaflet,  produced by the DfE, to support and guide your child, if need be, and enable you to  have a better understanding of SATs.


Parents' Leaflet  


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