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TTRockstars Pool Party!

We have organised another exciting reward for 6 children from each class in KS2 who demonstrate hard work and progress with their learning of times tables. These children will be invited for a pool party, with snacks and drinks, during lunch time on Wednesday 21st June. In each class, the fastest, most improved and highest coin earners (on the Times Tables Rockstars website) will be invited. Any children that are ‘rock gods’ will also be invited. By inviting children who are the most improved and highest coin earners, it gives all children the chance to get an invitation, regardless of how fast they are. We hope this reward will create a buzz around school and an incentive for children to improve their knowledge of multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12, and their speed in recalling them. We will also be setting up more ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions between some classes as extra motivation to practise and improve. Good luck to all children!



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