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Our 2nd Book World Cup!

The children were very excited about our second Book World Cup of the year. They had a chance to look at 32 brilliant books, reading the blurbs, looking at covers and reading extracts. Next we drew 2 books at a time and the children voted for their favourite of the two books, which made it through to the next round. There were many tough decisions, with lots of single-vote wins for books. Although not everyone got their first choice book, many of the children have found books that they now really want to read, which will be available for them on our book shelf. After a very close vote in the final, in a choice of classic vs modern, (The Hobbit vs The House with Chicken Legs), Sophie Anderson's The House with Chicken Legs was the winner. We can't wait to start reading this together in the new year after we finish Wonder today. Our new book will certainly have a lot to live up to!

The Quarter Final Line Up

Semi Finals

The Final!

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