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Our Learning Journey

The sun came out just for us on our Beach Day. We had a great time making sandcastles, taking part in a seaweed scavenger hunt and eating ice creams as an afternoon treat.

Games Day - Thank you Mrs Walpole for our indoor Games Day today due to the bad weather and well done to everyone who took part.

In art, we have been studying the work of Pablo Picasso. Here we are making abstract masks in the sunshine.

Learning to play the recorder with Mr Calvert

As part of their science unit on plants, Year 2 has been planting seeds.

Good Bye to the Year 2 Hut

Oracy: Year 2 have been practising their Oracy skills, being active listeners and confident speakers.

We've made the move! Year 2 has embraced the move to the hall as we are waiting for our hut to be demolished and for our new classroom to be ready.

We always look forward to our whole school celebration assembly.

Today, in science, we learned about seed dispersal.

We have continued to explore abstract portraits through the work of Sandra Silberzweig. These are in the making and the full gallery will be online soon...

In science, we have been learning about seeds, their varieties and their needs.

Today, we explored the work of Pablo Picasso and discussed his artwork on abstract portraits.

In maths, we are revisiting the concept of multiplication, studied during Lock Down.

Happy Easter everyone.

Science investigation on absorbency

What an artistic class! Here is the children's work based on the book Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

We're back!  After weeks of home learning, the children have settled very well back in the school routine. Here is what we have been up to so far.

During RE day, we studied the Easter Story in preparation for holy week.

In geography, we have been locating where we live in the world, using words such as Northern Hemisphere, Equator, Europe, United Kingdom of Great Britain, England and Devon.

In computing, we have applied our knowledge and understanding of pictograms using computer programs to represent the data we collected.

In maths, we have been building 3D shapes to reinforce our understanding of key vocabulary such as 'edges' and 'vertices'.

On our first day back, we continued our artwork on dragons' eyes. Keep an eye out for our class display.

PSHE - Today we discussed the concept of 'fairness' using our Oracy skills to express ourselves clearly.

This week, in maths, we have carried on learning about 2D shapes and investigated the concept of vertical lines of symmetry.

Science week: this afternoon we learned about the work of the ornithologist and activist Mya-Rose Craig, otherwise known as Bird Girl. We then sketched a wide variety of birds and discussed their features.

Science week: as a follow-up lesson to our study of Mya-Rose Craig's work, we explored the impact of deforestation on the habitats of wildlife.

Science week: thank you Year 2 for your fantastic presentations today. What great scientists you all are!

What a great start to the second part of the term! Everyone has come back from their half-term break rested and eager to learn.  Have a look at what we have been up to so far.

What a great afternoon watching the Pantomime! Oh no it wasn't. Oh yes it was...

Our last session with Dan from Plymouth Argyle. Well done everyone!

Our virtual Christingle service with Rev. Alan Ryan and Rev. Kim Lovell to start the Christmas celebrations

We created simple models using plasticine in the style of James Parkyn 's characters in Wallace and Gromit.

Our penguin soft toys are coming on nicely.

Maths in context: today we used place value counters to investigate related facts.

Welcome back, everyone. 

We have been very busy for the past few weeks!  Well done for settling so well into your new school routine.  This term, we have been focusing on learning to be together again, taking turns, sharing and valuing each other's views and ideas.  

Today we met our French partner class from Keriscoualc'h Primary School in Brittany.

We could not go to the National Aquarium this term, so the NMA came to us for an online workshop on adaptation and evolution.

Wembury Wonders - Oracy activity on 'Is it the responsibility of young people to look after the environment?'

We are learning about how penguins adapt to the harsh living conditions of Antarctica and made models of penguins.

PE - Today was our first lesson with Dan from Plymouth Argyle.

Oracy: acting out our mini stories outdoors in the style of the story My Favourite Game from The Book of Hopes

English: we were very keen to write our 'mini adventure' stories based on the story My Favourite Game from The Book of Hopes.

Art - Creating our own creatures for this term's topic Amazing Creatures

Year 2 playing Kim's game with natural objects.

Year 2 learning about how to stay safe in school.

We are learning to read to our partner using expression.

Music - learning to play African drums with Mr Calvert

We have been reading the book 'Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband. This inspired us to make up our own stories about being late for school.

Writing: We wrote postcards to Miss Kernevez about why we were late for school.

ICT - Learning to make an animation based on the book Dear Teacher using the app Puppet Pals.

Maths - Exploring numbers using tens frames

Learning for Life