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Outdoor Rhythmic Gymnastics- Year 4

Year 4 are taking their gymnastics to a whole new level this year - off the mats and outside.


We have taken our sequences of travelling and balancing and are now looking at how we can use the same positions of tuck, straddle and pike at medium and higher levels or 'off the floor'. Working in pairs now to combine their sequences; how can they combine eachother's ideas and strengths? If that wasn't challenge enough we have introduced the use of a hoop. How can they incorporate this into their sequence, how can they make their sequence longer and continuously flow between balances and movement and how can it be as aesthetically pleasing as they can? 

Year 4 certainly rose to the challenge with some fantastic creative moves, fabulous show of working together and some very impressive routines. They performed their routines and peer assessed eachother effectively; really listening to feedback and acting on eachothers comments positively. 


Well done Year 4!


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