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Wembury Primary School

Wembury Primary School


The distinctive contribution of music to the curriculum

The aims of music and how these contribute to the school’s aims


  • To foster children’s sensitivity to, and their understanding and enjoyment of, music, through an active involvement in listening, performing and composing and appraising.
  • To enable all children to realise their individual creative potential and to express themselves through music.
  • To enable children to acquire and develop the musical skills involved in performing, composing, listening and appraising.
  • To extend and develop children’s awareness and understanding of traditions, idioms and music styles from a variety of cultures, times and places.
  • To enable children to experience fulfilment which derives from striving for the highest possible artistic and technical standards within any style of musical expression.
  • To develop, through music, skills which contribute to learning across the curriculum.
  • To contribute to the community and the ethos that is the school.