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Wembury Primary School

Wembury Primary School

Read Write Inc

At Wembury we recognise that reading is the single most important thing a child will learn in school. We strive to support children to learn to read quickly and accurately and are determined that every child will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. We endeavour to foster a real love of reading in our children in order that they choose to continue to read for pleasure. 

Here, we follow a programme called Read Write Inc to teach phonics.  This is a leading synthetics phonics programme, which, through its dynamic approach to teaching reading and writing, is proven to deliver results fast.  Daily Read Write Inc sessions at Woodford encourage and support children to develop their ability to decode as well as their comprehension and fluency. The writing aspect of the programme will teach the children how to record their ideas, applying taught phonics and formulating their sentences orally before writing these on paper. Through six weekly assessments, we ensure that children are working at a challenge level in a group matched to their ability. Children receive additional support, where needed, to help them on their journey to becoming a confident reader.

Reading does not stop at the end of the Read Write Inc session. A love of literature is at the heart of learning at Wembury. We recognise that books open up a plethora of learning opportunities and support success in the wider curriculum and throughout life.  In addition to their Read Write Inc books, children will also select a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ book from our school library to read and enjoy at home.