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PE focus areas for Autumn term

We are very lucky to have a PE specialist teacher Mrs Jan Walpole working within our school.
This year her focus classes are Foundation, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6. Please see below for an overview of her focus areas in these classes during this term. 
Foundation PE
The class will be spending the term exploring ways of moving on their feet - running, jumping skipping and hopping, stopping with control, kicking successfully and accurately and using a racquet to hit a ball.
Year 1 PE
In year 1 the focus is on games - Running and stopping with good technique, sending and aiming a ball, receiving a ball accurately, throwing and catching with control, kicking and passing a ball successfully and hitting a ball successfully.
Year 4
The focus has been on fitness - understanding our bodies and how they work and how different types of activity affect our body.  
Year 6
The year 6 class have been fitness testing and thinking about the different fitness requirements for specific sporting activities.  We have looked at endurance, speed, agility and coordination and taken part in circuit training to improve each component.

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