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Playhouse Project - Superb showcase for young talent

Superb showcase for young talent


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Plymouth Herald

THE third and final programme in this year's Playhouse festival opened with Wembury Primary School performing Persephone by Julia Donaldson, who is best known for her Gruffalo stories.

It proved a highlight of the whole run and exemplified all that is best in multi-faceted theatre work by young practitioners.

The narrative is based on an ancient Greek myth telling how king of the underworld Pluto (played by suave Lloyd Chesworth) kidnapped Persephone (feisty Megan Wallace), the daughter of king of the gods Zeus (stentorian Lewis Short) and Demeter (OlyviaGitlin), the goddess of the harvest, which led to the division of the year into the seasons.

Gloriously attired and on a multi-level set adorned with two pomegranate trees, the large company frequently broke into song and virtually everyone played an instrument – a selection of brass, guitars, xylophones and keyboard – to accompany the singing and add musical chords and motifs to underline salient moments. The prodigious variety of talents demonstrated by these young performers resulted in a theatrical experience of which they must be justly proud.



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