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Rapid Rockstars

Year 5 have been working incredibly hard to improve their knowledge of times tables. They have loved playing on the Times Tables Rockstars website and it's amazing what results such an incentive can produce in just one term. The majority of the class now know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12 which is a massive improvement from from when they began Year 5. They have also managed to maintain their unbeaten status in their latest 'Battle of the Bands'. Competing against Year 6, the children racked up around 7 times as many coins as their older peers over the last few weeks. This follows them outscoring Year 4 as well earlier in the term. The children earn coins by correctly answering multiplication and division calculations on the website. This is all the more impressive considering there are 4 more children in Year 6 and 10 more in Year 4! The latest challenge for Year 5 is to compete against each other; this time it's boys against girls!! "That's not fair!" complained the girls, "There are more boys than girls!" However, the final scores will be judged based on average score per child to take in to account the fact that there are more boys than girls in our class. To see just how rapid the children are, check out their speeds below! Most children are answer questions in 1-2 seconds, with the fastest child answering in an incredible 0.6 seconds on average!! Keep up the hard work, Year 5!

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