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RE - Who is Jewish and what do they believe?

We started by looking at objects that are special to us...

We explored the different special objects that may be used by people practicing Judaism...

We talked about the Mezuzah and how it contains the special prayer that Jewish people try to remember every day - the Shema. They put it the Mezuzah on their doorpost and/or gate. 

We thought about special words we may like to be reminded of every day and put them on a bookmark...

We explored some Jewish stories and talked about how they reflect their understanding and belief of G-d.

Here we are acting out David and Goliath...

We looked at The Creation Story and this led us into looking at the Jewish festival of Shabbat.

We looked at different important objects and ways that Jewish people pay respect on Shabbat.

We made our own version of Challah bread. A special bread eaten as part of the festival meal. 

It was tricky to plait...

We also looked at the story of Hannukah or Channukah. We learnt how the story talks of the Maccabees defeating the Greeks and the lamp that burnt for eight days on one days oil.

We looked at important objects used to celebrate Hannukah and played bingo to help us remember their names.

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