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Recently Funded Projects

Theatre Performance

A huge thank you to everyone who supports FROWS, we had a very successful year last year and were able to kick start this year by funding the Theatre Alibi’s performance of 'I Believe in Unicorns' for the whole school to enjoy. “It was the best show I have ever seen and I never ever wanted it to end” I think it's safe to say the children truly enjoyed it! It's amazing to see the children benefit from the money raised by FROWS. 

Swimming Pool Changing Rooms


The Swimming pool Changing rooms have been built and the children can now enjoy warm and clean changing rooms all thanks to the generous work of all the parents who attend the FROWS events and to those who run and join the committees over time.

Interactive TV

There are a few Interactive TV's in classrooms throughout the school, however not all classes benefit from the digital experience. Therefore if we are able to provide one more to the school, it is such a benefit. The children love interacting with them and improving their learning.

LEGO Therapy


LEGO Therapy is a social development programme which helps to build social competence in children with autism spectrum disorders and related social communication difficulties. With the money that you have donated we have been able to buy the school a book to further explain the therapy and 4 Lego sets to set up the sessions.

Swimming Equipment


Through your funding we have been able to supply the school with a box to store the floats and new swimming equipment that has been purchased.

Learning for Life