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The aims of relationships and sex education (RSE) at our school are to:

  • Provide a framework in which sensitive discussions can take place
  • Prepare pupils for puberty, and give them an understanding of sexual development and the importance of health and hygiene
  • Help pupils develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy
  • Create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships
  • Teach pupils the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies

The RSE curriculum will be delivered through the Jigsaw (PSHE) scheme of work:

Foundation Growing up: how we have changed since we were babies

Year 1 Boys’ and girls’ bodies; naming body parts

Year 2 Boys’ and girls’ bodies; body parts and respecting privacy (which parts of the body are private and why this is)

Year 3 How babies grow and how boys’ and girls’ bodies change as they grow older

Year 4 Internal and external reproductive body parts, body changes in girls and menstruation

Year 5 Puberty for boys and girls, and conception

Year 6 Puberty for boys and girls and understanding conception to birth of a baby

RSE Statutory Guidance (DfE)

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