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School Improvement Priorities 2021-2023

Each year the school staff and governors consider the school's strengths and areas for development, with additional input from parents and pupils, to ensure that standards, achievements, the environment, safety & well-being, as well as leadership and management, are on a continual drive for improvement.


Below are the main areas overarching our development plan. Within each of these areas are further actions and success criteria which are detailed in our full school improvement plan. For example, within 'The Quality of the Curriculum'  there is a key focus on recovery,  ensuring that gaps are addressed in key knowledge, skills and understanding. As part of this recovery, language and reading development, mathematical fluency and problem solving and secure writing skills and knowledge are just some of the things that we will be focusing on. Also, we know that well-being is crucial to ensuring children continue to feel 'ready for learning' and this remains a priority. Funding is allocated to the School Improvement Plan to ensure its success. This success can only be achieved with a commitment to excellence from all, including staff, governors, pupils, parents and the community.

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