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Science Stinks! (Sometimes)

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at how important it is to look after the teeth we have! At the start of this part of the unit, we looked at the three main types of teeth: molars, incisors and canines.

Look at the 'What tooth am I?' picture, can you explain which tooth is which? What about what job it has when we are eating?

After we looked at the teeth types, we began an investigation into the effects of different drinks or liquids on our teeth. Look at the changes over the week in the pictures below. Oh and be glad there's no such thing as smellevision... What a stink!

Why did we use eggs in our experiment? What part of the tooth structure is the eggshell similar to?

What tooth am I?

A Few Days into the Experiment

A Week and One Day Later

Learning for Life