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Sing Up Award

What are the Awards about?
Our Awards celebrate and promote schools that value singing as an important part of each day.

The Awards support schools on their journey through the Sing Up programme, to make sure everyone gets the most from our resources and training.

Embracing a whole-school philosophy, the Sing Up Awards aim to:
§               help schools identify areas where they'd like help to introduce or improve singing
§               share good practice and showcase new work
§               provide a place for every school to achieve recognition
§               help schools to tailor their objectives

The Awards complement other initiatives and programmes, such as Healthy Schools and the School Sports Initiative.
Similarly, the Every Child Matters objectives can be achieved through the Awards, by putting singing at the heart of school life.
The Singing School
Gold is an award for developments in 4 areas:
§               People: encouraging everyone in the school to find their voice.
§               Skills: developing confidence and competence in singing skills.
§               Choice: providing opportunities for children to compose and enjoy a diverse range of repertoire.
§               Context: supporting the wider curriculum and school development aims.

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